Great espresso.

At Cafe Brindabella we take great pride in our coffee quality and speed of service. Our ability to provide a quality service is what sets us apart!


Environmental cup levy

In May 2004, Cafe Brindabella introduced a greening levy on takeaway cups of 20 cents. This money is donated directly to Greening Australia for tree planting and forest regeneration around the Canberra area. Customers are encouraged to bring their own cups for takeaway coffee and help reduce unnecessary waste.

The Smoothie Bar

All our smoothies are made with real fruit puree. All smoothies can be either dairy based or non- dairy. Enjoy!

Milk shakes

Flavours, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry. Extra malt available at $0.50

Smoothie - Banana, Honey & Yogurt

real banana, yoghurt, honey, ice and milk

Smoothie - Raspberry

Dairy or non dairy avalable - (Fresh raspberry compote, yoghurt, ice and milk/juice)

Smoothie - Strawberry

Dairy or non dairy avaliable